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The Mystic Outdoor Art Festival
Wednesday, September 1st, 2010
story & photos
by Angela Olsen
Mother Nature blessed thousands of people from near and far, who traveled to Mystic on Saturday and Sunday, August 14-15th for the 53rd Annual Mystic Outdoor Art Festival.  Boasting 275 exhibitors from all over the nation, the streets of Historic Downtown Mystic were mobbed with people of all ages, taking in the creative energy!  There was art in many forms, oils, acrylics, sculpture, watercolors and crafts. Several non-profit groups set-up camp and spread the Good News to the passers-by!
The presence of nautical and beachy scenes is tradition, and people come to anticipate these delightful constants.  I happened upon Larry Reitz, Salem, of Larry Reitz Fine Art Photography, as my eyes were entranced by his piece, Watch Hill Nights.  This piece is a dreamy shot of downtown Watch Hill, taken from the water.  He prints the shots on canvas, and applies varnish, which makes the colors come alive!  This is a far cry from his many years as a chemist at Pfizer!
Another show-stopper was Taryn Alessandro, a Mystic Native, who dubs herself as a mixed media painter.  Her work is refreshing, modern with an old-school vibe, young, and most of all, its sexy!  Among her alluring work were several nudes, intimate paintings, and a vibrant new portrait, on which the paint was still wet, She has everything but  One lucky art enthusiast snapped it up, and will be able to enjoy it for years to come!
As you look closely at any one of Taryns masterpieces, you can detect a difference in texture.  This is because she uses various forms of mixed media, resin, leather, paper, acrylic, oil and foam.  I noticed this on a painting of a bathing beauty, the rocks were carefully formed out of foam, and has a glossy finish.  Breathtaking!
My primary focus is on people, real people in their everyday environments.  The harsh materials create a comparison between what is human and what is not.  Well-done Taryn!
Overall, the show was a great success, and the traffic was a wonderful boost for local businesses.  There was something for everyone.