Maui Scene

Front St., Lahaina, October, 2010

Meet this very talented artist on Fridays through the month of October, 4.30 to 7.30 PM
Taryn Alessandro earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Boston University in 2007 and has studied at Lyme Academy of Fine Arts and the Decordova Museum School. She also spent the summer of 2006 landscape painting in Tuscany, Italy. For a young artist shes had an impressive and well deserved level of exposure through solo and group exhibits and its very likely that she will enjoy a high profile future.
"Visual arts have always been my passion and I plan on keeping our relationship strong forever. When painting, my primary focus is on people: real people in their everyday environments. My goal is to bring a very human sense of life and emotion into my work. The use of harsh materials in my paintings, such as paper, resin, corrugated cardboard and gold leaf to juxtapose with the fleshy painted figures, creates a comparison between what is human and what is not. I like to re-create stories that are going on in my own relationships with a voyeuristic approach. Intimacy is one of my favorite subjects to explore because of the complexity of emotions that go into it. I often leave my subjects somewhat emotionally exposed, allowing viewers into a very private moment."
Artists who are new to Maui tend to experience a shift in their style - toward the inimitable carefree and friendly spirit of Aloha that exists on Maui. The combination of their previous education and talent with their new environment inspires a uniquely Hawaiian form of expression. Artists who were born on Maui show their expansive love of the islands through their work. The Galleries' unique atmosphere is a direct result of this broad range of diverse and creative work. Currently there are close to 10,000 original pieces on display in the Maui Hands Galleries as well as a large selection of reproductions.
The artists are growing in numbers and talent. We are growing to keep up with them.