What makes my comissions special?

If they wish, clients may submit a photo, materials, items or anything they feel inspired

by to be somehow incorporated into the piece. My process includes a final coating that

allows me to incorporate and preserve textures and found objects into my work.  This

use of materials is especially powerful in commissions – making them even more personal,

and giving new life to things that are meaningful to you, but you may not be able to fully

enjoy them in their current state.  Embedded materials can include things such as fabric

from a wedding dress, hand-written notes, jewelry, dried flowers or any other memento

they wish to include, making the piece unique and specific to them.

I Like to get a good feel for whom the people are commissioning an original piece of

art- what they’re about, what stimulates them, their visual preferences, even what music they like, etc. The more I know about you, the better I can create something mood specific to you. Please don’t be shy about sharing this sort of information with me.

Approval Process and Delivery

Clients will have two approval opportunities during the commission process. The first is concept approval. I will develop composition ideas, a color palette, and make material suggestions. Once they have approved my final concept, I begin creating.  The second stage of approval happens before the final coating is applied; ensuring clients are in love with their piece, and no changes need to be made before it is sealed.

All Commissions are done on cradled panel, unless otherwise specified and approved.

Please allow up to 12 weeks for delivery AFTER concept approval and I have received all of the necessary information and/or materials from the client.



Because each commission is so unique, pricing may vary.

Please use this as a general guideline:

12” x 12” – (144 sq”) - $1450
11” x 14” – (154 sq”) - $1500
10” x 20” – (200 sq”) - $2000
16” x 16” (256 sq”) - $2200
18” x 18” (324 sq”) - $2750
20” x 20” (400 sq”) - $3450
12” x 36” (432 sq”) - $3750

18” x 24” (432 sq”) - $3750

24” x 24” (576 sq”) - $4200
24” x 36” (864 sq”) - $5550
30” x 30” (900 sq”) - $5550
30” x 40” (1200 sq”) - $6850
36” x 36” (1296 sq”) - $7350
36” x 48” (1728 sq”) - $9500


Under 100 sq”  -  $14/sq. inch
100-200 sq”   -   $10/sq. inch
201-500 sq”   -    $9/sq. inch
501-750 sq”    -    $8/sq. inch
750 – 999 sq”  -  $7/ sq. inch
1001-1500 sq”  -    $6/sq. inch
Over 1500 sq” - $5.50/sq. inch

All images displayed are owned by Taryn Alessandro Fine Art LLC. Please use accreditation.